Crowns & Veneers

Strengthen & Protect Damaged Teeth With Boston Dental

Rescue & Revitalize Damaged Teeth

Damaged teeth can be strengthened with crowns or veneers. They also protect teeth that have been damaged by previous restorations and root canal treatments. Another benefit that makes crowns and veneers extremely helpful is that they aid in the improved alignment of your bite.

Dentists use crowns and veneers to restore the appearance of your teeth, whether they are damaged, discolored, misshapen, or poorly spaced. When you’re looking to improve your smile and restore your confidence with beautiful teeth, call Boston Dental in Logan, UT!

Because it looks a little more natural, a crown made of porcelain material has become the most popular choice for our patients. Porcelain crowns will still eventually need to be replaced, of course, but they are very durable and typically last most patients several years before they need to be replaced. There is also some maintenance work on your crowns which should be performed within 5 years of their installation.

At Boston Dental, we construct our porcelain crowns to match the shape and consistency of your teeth to ensure a beautiful, natural-looking smile for all our patients!

What To Expect When Getting A Crown

When you schedule a crown procedure, you’ll need to book two appointments. The first appointment will be where we take the impressions of the tooth to aid in the construction and design of the crown. We will also take a mold that will create a temporary crown that you can use for about two weeks until your new crown is fabricated in a dental lab.

We will numb your tooth, and then the dentist will remove decay and begin shaping the surface of your tooth to ensure that the crown will fit properly. After the tooth is smoothed, we’ll affix the temporary crown with special cement and have you practice biting down to make sure it’s not interfering with your mouth’s normal functions. You can expect the highest level of comfort from the Boston Dental team while we are forming your crowns and working on your teeth.

At the second appointment, we’ll remove the temporary crown and clean your tooth to prepare it for its new crown, which will be carefully placed and secured with our special dental cement.

Reasons For Crowns

  • Broken/Fractured Teeth
  • Cosmetic Enhancement
  • Decayed Teeth
  • Fractured Fillings
  • Large Fillings
  • A tooth that has a Root Canal

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