Periodontal Treatment

periodontal dental treatment logan utWhen a patient is diagnosed with periodontal disease, non-surgical periodontal treatment (NSPT) is the first step in restoring the healthy gum tissue. NSPT may sound frightening, but it is actually a relatively painless process. We start with a thorough cleaning of your teeth in our office to help heal inflamed or infected gum tissue.

We then remove the plaque and harder mineral deposits called calculus (or tartar) from tooth surfaces above and below the gum line. This process, called scaling, may also involve smoothing the roots of your teeth (called root planing). Dental x-rays will be taken to check the condition of the roots of your teeth and the bone that supports your teeth. You may also receive medications or a special mouth rinse to help control the growth of bacteria that accumulate around your teeth and often cause inflammation and infection of gum tissues.


About Our Periodontal Treatment in Logan, UTperiodontal treatment logan ut


Our main goal is your comfort and ease throughout the procedure. We make sure this is your experience by providing a local anesthetic or a topical anesthetic to your gum tissues to numb the area. During and shortly after treatment, your gums may bleed, swell or feel sore. Don’t be alarmed, this is completely normal and can be treated with warm salt water rinses or pain medication. This process helps to prevent the disease from spreading. If you choose to receive no treatment, or if your ongoing treatment after NSPT is interrupted or discontinued, your condition will continue and probably worsen. This could lead to further inflammation and infection of gum tissues, tooth decay above and below the gum line, deterioration of bone surrounding the tooth and eventually, the loss of teeth. Trust our team to deliver the care you need and results that will last.

The success of treatment is affected by your own efforts to brush and floss daily, receive regular cleanings as directed, follow a healthy diet, avoid tobacco products, and follow other recommendations made by the dentist and/or dental hygienist. We will do all we can to keep your teeth healthy, but the continuation and formation of good habits are up to you. There are many factors that affect the ability of treatment to reverse or treat gum disease and prevent future problems, such as the seriousness of your present condition, existing medical problems, or medications you may be taking. However, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that your condition is treated properly, although it is impossible to guarantee perfect results.

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