Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your Smile With Custom At-Home Whitening From Boston Dental

Get Whiter Teeth at Home

Boston Dental is your leading source for a smile that’s whiter and brighter in Cache Valley. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth, but our office recommends the custom at-home tray.

A mold of your teeth is made to give you custom whitening trays that ensure the entire surface of your teeth is whitened evenly. You can easily perform this at-home whitening service by applying a carbamide peroxide agent to a custom tray. The carbamide peroxide is available here at our office. This custom tray of the product is designed to be worn for a certain period every day for about 7-10 days consecutively.

Ask us about it and can help you determine the length of time and amount of product that you should be using for your teeth.

Personalized Care For Exceptional Results

The typical bleaching cycle can produce dramatic results for the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. However, tooth whitening does not usually change the color of fillings, crowns, and other restorative materials. We will help you to avoid the risks of teeth whitening, including over-bleaching and sensitive teeth.

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